YIELD is a body of work which addresses the current plight of the honeybee and related environmental concerns. The artworks investigate the impact on, and the responsibilities of humankind within this theme.

Increasing lack of bee forage and the consequent stresses placed on these vital pollinators are major areas of concern. YIELD refers to crops: up to 90% of food crops are pollinated by bees. Loss of sustainable crops would lead to a global food shortage. YIELD implies a ‘bringing in’ or ’bringing forth’ - honeybees bring nectar into the hive for food, and bring forth information about the sites of pollen. Their sophisticated communication and navigational skills are being destroyed by crop pesticides. YIELD also relates to notions of surrender, evoking the dying of bees due to negligence in human environmental mismanagement. And YIELD invites a pause, an opportunity to contemplate ways in which we, as individuals, could become more environmentally proactive.
The ‘impression’ caused by the technique of printmaking suggests a metaphor for sociopolitical ‘impressions’ as here with environmental issues. The documentation of bee flight paths by harmonic radar exhibits a myriad of marks evoking a sense of confusion and loss, while the technique of blind embossing underpins what we choose not to see as well as the absence inherent in the potential for extinction.

YIELD seeks to highlight this significant environmental challenge. As individuals, our choices may seem to yield small results, but accumulatively could have a radical effect on the plight of the honeybee.

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  • Waxing Lyrical
    Waxing Lyrical

    Mixed media

  • Copper hexagon
    Copper hexagon

    Copper etching plate

  • Melliferous

    Etching, wood, collage

  • A time to sow
    A time to sow


  • Four years of life left
    Four years of life left

    Etching & embossing

  • Evanescence (detail)
    Evanescence (detail)

    Embossing and pencil on wood hexagon

  • Sustain

    Etching and embossing

  • Tribute


  • Predictor

    Drypoint etching

  • Fragility

    Handcut paper

  • Of the globe
    Of the globe

    Etching, embossing and handcut paper

  • for-age

    Wood,copper, beeswax