Sehnsucht is a German noun translated as “longing”, “pining”, “yearning”, or “craving”, or in a wider sense a type of “intensely missing”.

The motivation for this body of work stems from experiences of ‘hope’ and ‘separation’ which is explored through the process of making these etchings.
Excavating, extending and altering, I engage with the physical, spiritual and emotional spaces of yearning.

The use of ethereal imagery alludes to a possible sanguine, transformative contemplation; while map-like forms evoke ‘alternate realities’ - relative to both personal and global disconnections.
The imagined geographies of ‘Liminal Lands’ evokes ways of locating oneself in this intangible space of longing.

Just as there is no single English word which fully encapsulates the translation of ‘Sehnsucht’, my work grapples with multiple visual translations - in an endeavour to make sense of the intense and yet intangible essence of yearning.

  • Liminal Lands
    Liminal Lands


  • Liminal Land III
    Liminal Land III


  • Liminal Land II
    Liminal Land II


  • Liminal Land VI
    Liminal Land VI


  • Bearing


  • Longing


  • Liminal Locus III
    Liminal Locus III
  • Liminal Locus VI
    Liminal Locus VI
  • Liminal Locus IV
    Liminal Locus IV